Welcome to our page. Beading Branches is happy to show you a brand new site with bigger dreams than ever.

Our goal is to create beautiful pieces to add a bit of sparkle to you and your home, at an affordable price.

We have two main artists: Maxine Oberle and Coleen Sharp. We have been creating beaded items for years when the hobby started to take over our houses we decided to start selling and share our stunning and affordable pieces with others.

Although things have changed through the years, we still love to create and seeing others enjoy our pieces.

Occasionally we have guest artists as well. Each piece will have the name of the person who created it.

Get a cup of tea, or coffee, then take a few moments to shop our catalog.

Maxine is a wife to her highschool sweetheart, mom and teacher to 6 great kids, and grandma. Her designs are inspired by all the chaos that comes with a full plate and a full life.  She grew up in Wyoming,  then settled in Colorado with her family. 
Every piece she puts together is touched by some part of her life, which means every piece you buy has been made with meaning and purpose. It is her hope that you enjoy each piece as much as she enjoyed making it. 

Coleen is a wife of 23 years to her husband Brenton and mom to four sons. She grew up in Southern California and moved to Colorado over 20 years ago. In her free time she enjoys reading and making jewelry. She also co-hosts the Theology Gals podcast.

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